Fashion Fix



This formal suspenders from Brooks Brothers is $88 can be worn with a grey twill trouser pant and brown oxfords.

Every trendsetter must own at least one suspender

This Gryphon suspenders is from Brooks Brothers, price is $98

Sneakers, Loafers, and more Sneakers


Either one of these shoes will also compliment the Bottega Venetta briefcase or any other that you may have. The Gucci sneaker is $580 and the Samuy Driver loafers ($495).

Sophisticated man

What I’m trying to get at is that you should wear it like Johnny here, but lose the blazer, just wear the pink button-up, white pants, brown sneakers/boat loafers, and carry the briefcase. Also some of the sunnies that I uploaded yesterday can be worn for a more complete yacht day.

Sophisticated man



The briefcase can also be accentuated with a matching sneaker by Bottega Venetta ($680) or a Cole Haan sneaker (light brown one $88).

Sophisticated man




I love to wear street attire, but I’m also versatile enough to switch it up some times and go with a sophisticated look. Men, forget about the Axe body spray drawing women close to you, nothing brings the female species closer to us than a man dressed in suit or sophisticated yet casual attire. The brown woven briefcase is from Bottega Venetta ($2550), this accessory can be complimented by wearing a slim pink button-up shirt (one in the picture is Thomas Pink) and a white linen pant or trousers.

Vintage Cartier sunglass

What more can I say about this sunny? It’s only for the trendsetter, so go ahead and stand out with this cabriolet Cartier. I guarantee every1 will be asking you where you got it from, and (b) who makes it. Take joy in telling them that’s it’s a Cartier vintage!